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Our comprehensive mental health services support clients with diagnosis including:


Anxiety Disorders                        Eating and Feeding Disorders

Bi-Polar Disorders                       Conduct/Disruptive/Impulse-Control Disorders

Depressive Disorders                  Death and Survivor Grief

Trauma Disorders                       Mood Disorders

WRTS believes that restoration is an important component of healing the mind and soul. The premise is that people and relationships are valued first and foremost. When people make mistakes or cause harm, restorative practices can help them to understand the impact of their actions, heal the harm, and restore the internal peace and joy.  WRTS utilizes solution-focused therapy and explores the past to identify the source of wounds that prevent people from moving forward and experiencing the happiness they seek.  We offer restorative services including meditation, reiki, spiritualism, aromatherapy, and dream interpretation. In addition, we collaborate with similar, like-minded service entities to refer for massage and acupuncture.

Our personal trainers can customize a fitness plan through exercise for all people regardless of size, conditions or ability.


Let us help you to reach your nutritional goals with our customized weight-loss and nutritional training programs. 

Family Training provides support to improve overall communication and relationship among family members. Training includes parenting skills, family reunification, life skills and suicide awareness to establish and improve the support systems for family success.

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